Detect Through Anything

We are on a mission to revolutionize & mechanize the industrial material detection processes and the object screening industry with our innovative technology platform.
Using our laser array system we can detect and analyze any material behind many sorts of shells & containers.
Our novel device, having our breakthrough technology implemented within it is able to differentiate between the materials accurately and simply, by using direct and even indirect sensing to the object that is tested.
Throughout a vast range of sectors, from the defence industry to threat detection and object screening up to spectrometry QA & QC in industrial processes.
Israeli Based Technology
15% Expansion in Technology Maturity growth
4 - Core Team
Founded in 2019

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Bulky and cumbersome devises, that require a perfect sample for good results.


High Costs

Mass spectrometry analysis cost from 70$ per sample and up to few thousand dollar depend on the material and its complexity.


Image Base Scanning

The current systems are image based & relay on Image recognition to estimate the object’s material.


Simple Detection Process

Our new innovative detection system keeps the process simple while maintaining privacy.


Scanning By Detecting The Matarials

By detecting the materials indicators we achieve accurate results, versus other methods that analyse the object image alone.


Through Object Analyzation

Our system preforms shell penetration analysis, referring to material’s structural integrity & material quality


First system tests and theory insigts

Building an Arduino based first laser system, and starting to test basic material's interaction with the laser system


The Apollo- Alpha prototype

After basing the theory and running some tests to verify our ideas, we build our first prototype. The Apollo was build as a primal prototype it was massive and bulky device but it functioned well and helped us plan our current prototype.


The Luximpar- functional and compact Prototype

With all our insights form the Alpha prototype, we developed the Beta, added guidance system to the laser, upgraded all the electronics ,PCB and cable management. and boxed it all up in a stable, compact and much more functional frame.


Data analysis base reading’s

After long research and data base recording we manage to build an algorithm that uses all our data base to analyse the sample that is tested.



we accomplish a complex experiment that unequivocally and unambiguously completely proven our theory and the devise's abilities


Tomer Memran

CEO, Founder

Inventor, experienced with patents and provisional patents in the mining field. Experienced in project planning, execution & management. Commander at Israel forces 9221, Former medical commander at Kfir Brigade.

Harel Ravid

CTO, Founder

.B.sc student in Physics with 4 years of experience in mechanical design Expert in 3D printing and product development. The head of Engineers without borders. Captain at the combat engineering special forces- team leader of an airborne EOD team.

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Avi Ashkenazi


.Bsc, MBA Experienced in senior management positions in diverse industrial and Hi-tech companies Since 2015 – consultant in financing, restructuring business focusing on growth, funds & grants, corporate governance, business innovations and capital evaluation

Shavit Or

Board member

Shavit has over 25 years of experience in different senior managerial roles and 13 years of demonstrated history in the Hi-Tech industry. Vast experience in Strategic planning and overseeing the execution of business plans in different teams in small to large organizations.

Gilad Cohen


Gilad is a serial entrepreneur with more than 21 years of experience in the HLS and Hi-Tech industries. Senior consultant and board member in a variety of local and global technology ventures. Gilad has a Demonstrated history in developing and mentoring for technology

Inbal Lev

Legal Advisor

Many years of experience providing legal consultation and strategic planning for hundreds of Israeli and international ventures. Specializes in the commercialization of technologies from the idealization, intellectual property protection.

Gerry Greshon


Major General (Res.) Yitzhak (Jerry) Gershon is the former National Director and CEO of Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF), Spent more than 32 years in the Israeli military and today act as chairmen of the Israel Airports Authority (IAA).

Late Mr. Binyamin Alon

Technical advisor

The late Mr. Benny Alon was our Academic and concept technological mentor since we started our R&D. Beny was an innovative person, university lecturer, studied Law, Biochemistry, Astro, Quantum, and Pure Physics, and was a captain in special forces. We cherish his memory and his contribution.

We are developing a device that is able to detect materials with high accuracy and reliability, and to detect them even inside and behind objects.


The system uses laser array, sensor and ad hoc chipset to simplify the build and detection process

Low costs

Our simple system lowering the final costs to the costumer


Using quantic deep analyzation, we detect the material itself from its structure

Longer Distance

By using accurate laser, we can increase the distance between the sample to the system itself.


Accessible market sizes

due to our product's broad range of application we are open to a wide range of markets In B$

  • Hillel Yaffe 30 Hadera, Israel

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